Rental conditions

Article 1. Object of the contract

Rental contract for a round Donut shaped boat powered by a Yamaha 8 HP outboard motor.
The Donut Boat is equipped with a parasol and in the center of the boat the choice between:
1. a bbq or 2. a basin to put drinks with ice or 3. a table.

Article 2. Tariffs

Prices are available on the website, on site, by phone.
Prices shown are inclusive of VAT and accessories such as fuel, charcoal, dishes, LED lights for evening outings, a JBL speaker, ice cubes are included.
Please respect your schedule because any quarter of an hour started will be due to a value of 50 € from the first minute exceeded.

Article 3. Payment

Payment will be made through the website
or on site in cash / credit card.
Payment is made in one go.

Article 4. Security

The deposit of 500 € will be paid by the tenant on the day of taking charge of the boat by bank imprint or in cash before boarding.
The purpose of the deposit is to guarantee the costs of damage to the boat, even partial loss of objects belonging to the boat attributable to the lessor.
In the absence of any damage, loss or loss, the deposit will be returned when the boat is returned to port in the exact condition it was in before the rental company left.

In the event of damage, loss or claim, the deposit will be returned as follows:

  • If the charges are less than the deposit, the difference will be refunded within 30 days.
  • If the charges are greater than the deposit, the entire deposit will be retained.
  • In the event of any doubt as to the imputability of the damage, loss or claim, the deposit may be returned within 30 days after filing the report of the lessor's insurance expert.

The amount of the deposit does not constitute a limit of liability enforceable against the lessor, who retains the right to seek redress for damage suffered, in particular for those not covered by insurance.

Article 5. Booking conditions

Reservations are made on the internet page or on site.
The customer will choose his date, his time with the price indicated and will pay the sum in full so that his reservation is blocked.
The art4 deposit is to be paid on the day of departure.

Article 6. Return of the boat

The customer must return the boat in the same state of cleanliness as it had when it left.
Please respect your contract schedule because any quarter hour started will be due to a value of 50 € from the first minute exceeded.
Upon returning to port, there will be an inspection of the boat.
If the boat is not returned in a satisfactory state of cleanliness, a cleaning fee of at least € 50 will be taken from the deposit.

Article 7. Inventory

An inventory and an examination of the boat will be made and written on two documents one for the lessor and one for the lessee before departure, any breach and damage must be noted.

Upon return an examination will be made, any damage, loss or claim must be settled see art.4

Article 8. Insurance

The lessor has comprehensive insurance for the boats in its nautical activity with the company: FIATC Mutua de Seguros y Reaseguros.
- Personal effects and objects are not insured by the lessor.

Article 9. Boat equipment

The boat is equipped with all the safety equipment provided for by law and the category of the boat, namely: 1 life jacket per passenger, a signal mirror, 3 Bengal lights, 1 fog horn, 1 approved first aid kit, 1 fire extinguisher, 1 anchor, 1 towing cable, 1 national flag

Article 10. Arrival and taking charge of the boat

The tenant agrees to arrive 30 minutes before the time of his departure in order to be aware of the regulations and instructions for the smooth running of his activity.

In case of late arrival or at the time of his departure, the customer will receive instructions and his late departure in relation to his schedule will be his fault. His return must be at the scheduled time. See art6.

Article 11. Captain / Captain

The tenant will be or will designate a captain called CAPTAIN (min 18 years old) to take control of the boat.
He will choose an additional person as second if help is needed with the anchor or the swim ladder or other. For reasons of safety and comfort, the boat will not be able to leave the "Bocana" forepart. It will not be able to cross the green lighthouse on its left before entering the open sea and the end of the salt loading dock on its right, red headlight.

No need for a license to take control of the boat.

The skipper will take care not to embark people other than in his contract and a maximum of 10 people.

Article 12. Rules on board the boat

  • The consumption of drugs prohibited.
  • Take a shisha prohibited.
  • Alcohol is consumed in moderation. The skipper cannot be in a state of obvious drunkenness.
  • It is forbidden to fish in the harbor and from the boat.
  • No animals in the boat.
  • Remain seated in the seats while sailing and remember to balance the boat.
  • Forbidden to climb on the edge of the boat to jump.
  • Children are allowed on the boat under the responsibility of parents or adults accompanying them.
  • Smoking a cigarette will not be prohibited, but only when stationary and on the front of the boat not at the rear on the engine and gasoline side. An ashtray will be provided in the accessories.
  • Be careful that if you burn anything, seats or others, the art4 deposit will have been taken.
  • We use the boat like a good father, we respect the equipment and other users. We navigate by keeping our right, we let sailboats and other small boats pass.
  • If the wind is blowing too hard, the parasol must be folded up.

Article 13. Respect for the environment

The tenant will use the boat respecting the environment, all waste will be placed in the trash at your disposal and the cigarettes in the closed ashtray.

No waste in the sea.

Article 14. Liability of the tenant

The hirer is responsible for any damage, loss of object or loss caused to the boat and the people he embarks from the moment of his taking charge until the delivery of the boat.

Article 15. Urgent help or not / a service

The tenant will call the company number or +34 665 41 84 84

Article 16. Cancellation and refund

  • In the event of cancellation by the tenant, he must notify the lessor at least 48 hours before the date of departure.
  • The lessor can propose another date according to the agenda or a voucher for another date.
  • If the scheduled date can be re-let, the sum will be returned.
  • If the tenant does not notify the landlord before 48 hours, 50% of the amount will be lost for the tenant.
  • In the event of cancellation by the lessor following bad weather or weather conditions that do not allow safe and comfortable navigation. Another date may be offered to the tenant. If we do not manage to agree on a date the sum will be refunded.

Article 17. Mooring of the boat

When the boat has left its location in the port, it will proceed towards the outer harbor. In order to enjoy your boat, bbq or other, you can drop anchor in front of the ski cable

"La Bocana" along the pier, the walk that leads to the lighthouse or in front of the beach of Acéquion.
Instructions for mooring will be given to you upon arrival.

Article 18. Dispute

In all matters not provided for in this contract, the provisions of the Civil Code will be followed. For any interpretation of this contract, the courts of Torrevieja have sole jurisdiction, waiving both parties any jurisdiction that may correspond to them.